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We value how you express your business, from theme colors to the fonts. We also provide custom QR codes for your page on our site.


Your page on Codex Shopper will be responsive as the gas pedal on a luxury car, adaptable to any screen size from PC to Mobile devices.


You give us the idea, we'll give you the output. Our competitors believe in quantity, we believe in quality.


Codex Shopper

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It’s your own personal professional site for your clients to view, ask, review and many more! Click the button below to check our Business Listings.

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We believe in the power to express and be creative in the things we do on a daily basis, for the businesses that would like to have their own stuff broadcasted to the world, the answer is with us Codex Shopper, you can read about us by clicking the button below.

Codex Shopper


You might have tried using other platforms to advertise and be known, but how many services do you know  that provide custom pages?


Job Hunting?

We’ve also added a job hunting feature on Codex Shopper, from Remote to Onsite opportunities, we have it here for you! Click on the button bellow to start applying!

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You can post a job for free on Codex Shopper and get the edge that you need to keep your company rolling! Click the button bellow to signup and get applicants!


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