FIRST APARTMENT, everything you need to know!


Getting your first apartment? Great! It’s about time you moved out or moved on with your life, new place and a new flat, either it being in the same city or a different one, it has a sort of sense of adventure in it right? We’re compiled a few things for you to consider before you start thinking of your First Apartment and everything you need to know!

1. Finance

Moving to new location requires you to start rummaging through your wallet or bank account to find out whether you’re gonna be able to move or not, keeping this in mind there are days or months where you’re only able to make ends meet and not be able to save up a few bucks in your account. One of the basic solution for this is for you to find a job or add another job to your current one, be it part-time or full-time, but you have to consider if your body is going to hold out for you.

2. Safety

s the new place you’re moving into a safe place to live in? Lower rent in a certain a place could mean lots of criminal activity within that place, so before you start thinking that you’ve found a cheap place to stay in, ask yourself why it’s cheap in the first place, one way looking out for this trait is to try and compare it to other apartments in the area. Cheap is great, but being cheap won’t let you sleep soundly at night. If you ever do get a place, you should not try and compromise on adding another bolt lock to the door, some establishments are actually tied up with criminals, they just have to ask for your spare key from the lobby when you’re out of your house.

3. Accessibility

Do you commute, drive or walk to your office? It’s much better to just be able to walk to your work place right? So take it into thought if the place you’re gonna be renting is near the places you need to be in, government buildings, grocery or the office you go to, all of these place into that factor.

4. Sustainability

We’ve talked about saving up for the big move you’re planning, but after you move can you sustain it? Food, utility bills, misc. costs of living in the new apartment that you want or need, if you’re not sure of the cost of living in the place you’ve chosen to rent, you can play it by ear for the first few months you’re gonna be living in your new pad. If you need to commute to work or drive there, how much is gas per gallon? Would you be efficient enough to be able to rent your own place and still be able to save up money? This is by far one of the most important things you need to consider next to safety. Take it slow when just feeling out the place you’ve chosen to live in.


Considering all the factors involved in the big move you’re planning, be it moving out of your parents house for the first time or you’ve been independent all your life, you can never be too careful on moving out from the place you’re used to living in, we hope that this article has somehow helped you think about the factors of moving into a new place, this has been FIRST APARTMENT, everything you need to know! Please share with your friends and family members if you think this has helped!

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