Moving out of your Parents House


We understand that this could be a very intimidating task to do and that you’re used to seeing your mom and dad in the same house, the food ready and your clothing always washed and smelling fresh. When you get sick, they nurse you back to health and you get a sense of security within this cycle, all good and well but you’ll never become what you want to be in life, unless a squatter is your end goal is what you want.

We complied all of the reasons why should should start thinking about moving out of your parents house and starting your own life as an individual in society.

1. Self fulfillment

One of the best reasons why you should start thinking about moving out of your parents house is for you to gain self fulfillment, why? Because you’ll be a lot happier by the end of this, sure you’ve got a degree and all that but it’s time to practice that in the outside world.

2. Independence

Being independent means that you’re gonna be answering for yourself, self-made-men all start with independence, paying for your own rent and bills, making sure you eat right. We know that this is one of the hardest part of being independent and one of the first steps into doing this is to find a job that you can work at, working for a company that pays you the right amount will allow you to save up for the coming move you’re planning. Making sure that your budget stays within the limits you’ve set.

3. Better chances at finding love

Ever had your parents walk in on you with a girl? Yeah, that’s right, we’re up to the juicy parts now of this article. If you’re around the age of 23 or 30’s and you still live with your parents, this kind of image has a negative impact on quality women you might encounter in the near future, having a place to call your own (meaning you live alone and independent) can boost your chances of actually being a “good catch” to the person you want to be with. Coming home from the club or bar with a lovely partner in your arms? What’s this person going to think if the first person she sees is your mom opening the door for the both of you late at night? A bit of a mommy’s boy right? And the cycle happens again, sure they might still want to sleep with you and all, but to actually stay with you for decades to come? Highly doubt it.

4. No one can tell you what to do

YES! That’s right! No one can tell you what to do anymore because you answer for yourself now, pay your own bills, provide for yourself, you can bring who ever you wanna bring back to your place and hangout. No more early morning wake up calls, no more “Where have you been?, it’s late!” Wouldn’t that be a bliss? And wouldn’t you feel more fulfilled once you do get to move out.

5. Reality

In reality thinking about moving out of your parents house is a difficult task to do all in all and it’ll be very hard indeed to move out and be efficient enough to stand on your own two feet ASAP, You have to scout for a place you can stay that you can afford too (one of the most difficult for first timers). Instead of thinking about how difficult it can be, think about why you’re moving out, if it’s about you not able to grow out of your shell or a nagging step parent who tries to be a “know it all” kind of person, this is the perfect choice for you to make go with the choice of moving out of your parents house, you’ll be thanking yourself in the long run.

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