Philippine Passport Getting Weaker?


What happed to the Philippine Passport?  What does this mean for Filipino’s who travel abroad for leisure or work? Would applying for a visa be harder now? How is a passport ranked anyway?

What does this mean for Filipino OFW's?

This definitely means more challenges in getting a visa for work or leisure, a lot more paperwork and a lot more requirements.

What is the Philippine Passport Rank?

The current rank of the Philippine passport at this moment is 82nd in the world, the Philippine passport was ranked 74th before.

How is a Passport Ranked Anyway?

A lot of Filipino’s might be scratching their heads right now as to how their passport lost it’s previous power for travel, as far as we know passports right now are being ranked using more than a countries economy, it’s also being ranked by how it contains the threat of the virus we are all facing today.

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