Top Reasons Why Job Hunting is Hard


     You might have applied for a ton of jobs in the past or in the present moment you’re reading this article and you must be wondering what are Top Reasons Why Job Hunting is Hard, we’ve complied almost everything on this list on how to make yourself stand out even more to potential employers and possibly be able to get your dream job, we’ve provided you some Tips & Tricks to Getting your Dream Job in a faster manner, also how to make an appealing Resume or CV.

Job Hunting during Pandemic.

    While others might be relieved in knowing that they are amenable to work from home in a comfy set-up right in their bedroom, others are not so thrilled by this new development in the transitioning of jobs, unemployment rate in different industries have risen due to the current pandemic we’re facing by about 8% as stated by a report in the U.N

Further more you have to have a work at home setup in place, internet connection and a PC is crucial for getting that job, why? Because most interviews nowadays are done over a video call. 

If you have a bit of savings or your parents can sponsor you for the things that you’d need to start off a new career right at home, use it to get a work at home setup for yourself, it’s one of the things in this pandemic that is a big factor. You might have the skills for the job but if you’re lacking in equipment they can’t hire you.

Tips & Tricks to Getting your Dream Job

     Firstly let’s talk about the difference between a Resume and a Curriculum Vitae, are they just the same? Definitely a “NO”.

The Difference between these 2 things is that a Resume is more focused on education and a Curriculum Vitae is more focused on career, meaning for you to have a CV you need to have a track record of your past employments or achievements in your profession.

If you’re fresh meat in the job hunting site we recommend you to start off with a resume, if you didn’t get to go to a reputable educational institution, you can make up for it by siting your unique skills and work ethics like what it means for you to get a job and that you’re willing to learn even more to further your career in the future.

The problem with work from home setup.

    Isn’t it more convenient for people to just be working from home? Plus you get to save a whole lot more money from your salary, cutting the cost of gas, commute costs, eating from the cafeteria or restaurants outside of your work place. Right after work you can just walk a few steps and you’re in bed, tucked in and ready to get some shut eye right?

But for others that don’t have the luxury of having a work-at-home set up, things could be a little different. Work at home set up entails that you need internet connection and a reliable machine, sounds expensive?

It depends on what you actually do in your day-to-day job, if you’re someone who just needs to do some paperwork, reports and emails, things could be affordable for you, but if you’re someone that has a job like video editing, CRM or SAP stuff, you’re gonna need a better machine, something like a PC that’s intel core i3 to i7 or the AMD counterpart of these products and these don’t really come in cheap.

How to make an appealing Resume or CV

     Writing an appealing Resume or CV can be a daunting task definitely, you don’t know where to start and you don’t know how it’s gonna look to your future employers here are a few things you HAVE to include.

  • Skills
  • Education (No matter how good or bad it is)
  • Certifications (If you have any)
  • Portfolio
  • Online portfolio (if you’re a photographer, video editor or developer, this really helps)
  • Character References
  • Photo’s of you in your past jobs (It’s strange, we know)


How to make a Lasting Impression in an Interview

     We all get nervous or excited when it comes to interviews and questions start popping in your head, “Am I prepared for this?”, “Are they going to be intimidating?”. We’ve all gone through these things before during our first ever interviews. We’re here to help!

In making it to the interviews after sending your applications in you’re gonna have to do these things.

  • Be punctual – We can’t stress this enough, be early in an interview 2 mins or less if you can, it creates an impression that you can be dependable when it comes to time management.
  • Show your Personality – Be proactive in answering the questions they might ask you by adding a little spice of your personality to the answers you give, this would show the interviewers your individuality.
  • Goals – Don’t be just a “yes man”, if they ask you what your goals are, be it a new garden in your house or possibly a new car, don’t be afraid to tell them that and what you’re after in the job they’re offering.
  • Acceptance or Rejected – We understand that not every interview is going to go your way, if you’re accepted into the job  role or rejected, ask questions like “Thank you for your time, may I please know how I may improve my self?” or ask something about the skills you need to be more appealing for the role in the future. 

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